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Newsletter - September 2018

Hello and welcome to this month’s newsletter.

Good heavens, it's September already. This is one of my favourite months, for many reasons, but especially because :

  1. There is a dramatic decrease in the number of tourists and visitors, so we get our beaches, town centres, cafes and parking spaces back.
  2. The kids go back to school so the noise levels go down 1000%.
  3. The number of 'kamikaze' foreign registered cars (particularly French this year) drops off dramatically so it's safe to take to the roads again.
  4. All the good TV programs are back, especially the excellent Channel 4 program "No Offence". If you haven't seen it I really do urge you to catch up with seasons 1 and 2 on the All4 app, it's brilliant.

Good news indeed. As the holidays end and everyone gets back to work, we will start to see the release of new computers, tablets and phones. This month it is Apple who will be announcing new iPhones and iPad Pro models (possibly a new Apple watch too, but who cares, right?). Next month see's Google announcing their new Pixel 3 phones. One thing these announcements will have in common is they will be expensive. There seems to be a tendency these days that everything 'flagship' is over 1000 Dollars / Euros / Pounds - ridiculous! (or am I just getting old). Well, the good news is that there are some very decent specification phones, tablets and laptops available for half the price, or less, if you know what to look for and where to look. Over the next few newsletters I will give you details of some of the new smartphones, tablets and computers that won't break the bank. To whet your appetite, this month the Xiaomi Poco F1 android smartphone has caught my eye - details here and here. The specifications are top notch, but what really caught my attention is that the casing is polycarbonate, rather than the current trend of metal (bends easily) or glass (fingerprint magnet and is as fragile as f..). Takes me back to the days of the Nokia Lumia phones, several models of which I owned, which were virtually indestructible. More 'stuff' next month.

Also next month I will give you full details of the new Windows 10 update (1809). Currently they have not finalised the list of which new features will be included in this version of Windows 10, or indeed set an official release date, so you'll have to wait. Over 85% of Windows 10 machines are running the latest version of Windows 10 (1803) and that was probably the fastest rollout of an update since Windows 10 came out over 3 years ago. I have every reason to suspect that this new version will be just the same with a rapid rollout schedule once released.

Well, that will just about do it for this newsletter. I hope you have a great month.

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